Thank you Raphael!

Today, we said goodbye to Raphael, a trainee teacher from Switzerland.  He’s taught the class about his home country and helped out in many different ways from football sessions at playtime to maths problems about capacity.  Thank you Raphael for being such a positive presence in our class over the past two weeks.1024px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg



Cycling and dancing

Great cycling and dancing sessions at the Odd Down Sports Centre -such a brilliant place to have so close to us!


World Cup Presentations

Well done to everyone for presenting information about their chosen World Cup country.  We found out lots of interesting facts.  Some of our favourites: trains are only ever a few seconds late in South Korea; the oldest bookshop in the world is in Portugal; goats can climb trees in Morocco; and there’s only one stop sign in Paris!

Hare Maps

Owl class worked in groups to create collages from old maps and out of date atlases.  Children formed patterns with the different shades then created silhouettes by cutting out hare designs from card; these were printed onto the collages.  One of the pictures went on display at The Forum for the One Night At The Palladium show.


Which is the best insulator?

Owl class investigated which material best insulated a cup of hot chocolate.  Lots of useful measuring and recording skills were practised; children also turned their results into line graphs using an online programme.  The results were varied, but bubble-wrap and felt seemed to insulate the best.