Art winners

These are the winning pictures -as judged by Mrs Coppens- from the Year 6 Owl competition to complete the drawing.  Well done everyone for taking part.



Which is the best insulator?

Owl class investigated which material best insulated a cup of hot chocolate.  Lots of useful measuring and recording skills were practised; children also turned their results into line graphs using an online programme.  The results were varied, but bubble-wrap and felt seemed to insulate the best.


Cooking Week 3

This term’s theme was ‘Food from around Europe’.  Sessions included Quiche Lorraine (France), Goulash (Hungary), Pizza (Italy) and Moussaka (Greece).  Thank you to Mrs Stock for teaching Owl class some vital skills and introducing children to new culinary experiences!



Wonderful progress…

A massive well done to Kierlun for the progress he has made with his swimming and bike riding…  a big thank you to Mrs Murray-Playfair and Mrs Boyd for their guidance and encouragement in helping  Kierlun achieve these two key lifeskills.