Cricket Match


A two-session cricket match ended on Friday with a significant victory for the winning team: a score over 100 runs more than their opponents!  Some great batting, bowling and fielding skills were on show throughout.


Was Aristotle right?


Forces is the topic in science this term.  We’ve begun by investigating whether Aristotle was right: the heavier the object, the faster it falls?

Book Talk

Owl’s reading groups have been set up.  Groups have the same novel; children read a short part of the book each day and discuss topics and themes.  The process improves comprehension and helps children articulate their ideas about texts.


Maths Problem Solving

DSCF3274DSCF3277DSCF3280The term’s first session of problem solving saw children working in groups to answer puzzles about temperatures of cities around the world.  The activity helped consolidate their understanding of negative numbers as well as provide an opportunity for discussion and co-operation.


Read Around


Owl Class’ Read Around this term is ‘The Odyssey’ which links with our Ancient Greece topic.  All the reading that the children do at home counts towards progressing on Odysseus’ journey.  When they’ve completed the whole journey, children receive stickers for their bookmark.  Please make sure your child is reading often at home and that their planner is signed -it’s the most important part of their weekly homework!