Recommended Reads II

Have a look at another set of the staff’s recommended books for children sent out this week…

Book Rec II


Mid-Somerset Festival

Well done to Ashlie who received a Merit for her fabulous short story.  Congratulations to Tom as well who won for his piano playing.


Bibles for Year 6

Today the children in Y2 and Y6 were presented with a Bible as a gift.  Thanks to St Philip & St James’ Church for part funding them.  We hope the children enjoy reading the Bibles and find the contents life changing.

Bible assembly 2018 004.jpg


Skiing and Tobogganing

An active and fun day tobogganing and skiing for the Year 5s.  Thank you Mrs Callow for organising such a great trip.

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Internet Safety Talk for Parents

Please come to our internet safety talk for parents on Monday 5th March.  One of the topics discussed by the SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning) speaker will be children’s use of social media which is such a key issue for young people today.



Badminton Coaches

Owl class enjoyed a session with two badminton coaches this afternoon…



Tic Tac Investigation

What factors affect the speed at which a Tic-Tac dissolves?  Temperature of water, number of stirs, amount of water, flavour of Tic-Tac?  Groups devised their own investigation, made sure it was a fair test. selected appropriate resources and recorded results.